My Works

ode to the ship

lumen artis




proposes an expressionistic kaleidoscope images…

Iris Crιtikou. Art Historian, Curator expeditions.
particularly strong in Vakas΄ works creates ease of attribute volume with a single simple movement of the line…

Dr. Stella Mouzakiotou, Professor of Art History at E.A.P and ATEI Athens.
sharp lines intersect primarily and give the overall work of Vakaloulis a move and a vividness…

Maro Kahrimanidis.Art Historian-Master in Education (U.ofT.)-Museologist
Works of Vakas breathe out a feeling of elation and delight…

Faliagkas Athanasios, Painter i-image graver
that excels in line expressiveness and colour…

Anagnostopoulos Sotirios , professor of painting
2006 he presents his personal liberated inspiration. Colour and light are starring.

Spanopoylou Anna, Philologist, art historian
Michalis Vakaloulis΄ s works show off a narrative material in a elegant way, the inspiration source of which is the Greek landscape..

Xintaras Theodoros, painter
Vakas΄s works show original appealing elements of a narrative world as far as colour is concerned..

Ad. Datt, visual artist sketcher, Ireland.